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360/VR How to see 360 race video at Grid Motorsport 如何實體感受賽車現況

360/VR 如何實體感受賽車現況 How to see 360 race video at Grid Motorsport

Our 360 video:

[360] BTCC Honda FN2 Initial Test @ Zhuhai [360 video] HKAA Clio Cup 1 Hour Challenge - Onboard Video

Latest development in 360 and VR has brought the new dimension in immersive virtual reality to everyone. Check out this video for how to get this new dimension at fraction of the cost with everyone smartphones and a VR google.

A few keys to enjoying the 360/VR video: - Make sure you have a good internet connection - Use ear plugs to get totally immersed in the experience (and not disturb other people) - Adjust to your need the focus and eye width on the VR google - Do this in a safe environment not on the street

Our youtube channel: More info:

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